Statement Sat 7th March 2020

Posted: 7/4/2020

Owing to the proposed fundamental change in governance arrangements between the National Trust and the Ulster Gardens Scheme, the Ulster Gardens Scheme committee have, with great reluctance, decided that they are unable to continue to operate the scheme.

Given the particular nature of the scheme’s fundraising activities, which demand considerable time, effort and personal expense, the committee feel that the additional responsibilities being imposed upon them are unduly onerous for a small group of volunteers.

The committee regrets the future loss of enjoyment that the scheme’s open gardens have brought to the public over the past sixty years.

Having reached this decision, the committee have allocated all residual funds held in the accounts of the Ulster Gardens Scheme to various National Trust garden projects in Northern Ireland.

Committee Meeting 7 March 2020.JPG

Photo: a number of the committee who attended the recent meeting



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